Video Shows Shootdown of Hawker 800

 - May 21, 2015, 2:30 PM

The Flight Safety Foundation’s Aviation Safety Network released a video of the final moments of a Hawker 800 before it plunged into the water off the northern coast of Colombia near Puerto Colombia after being shot down by a Colombian Air Force aircraft on May 20. The video shows the number-two engine on fire all the way to the water. The Hawker, of unknown registry, was reported to have departed Venezuela and to have been en route to Central America at the time it was intercepted for operating illegally in Colombian airspace.

For years the Colombians have had a no-nonsense approach to rogue aircraft operating in their airspace. The report says a number of packages and one body were found floating near the wreckage. It is not known if the Hawker, normally a two-pilot aircraft, was carrying a second crewmember. News outlets citing Columbia's coast guard report that the packages were filled with as much as 1.2 metric tons of cocaine.