Wyvern Wingman Relaxes Pilot Recency Requirements

 - January 18, 2016, 11:38 AM

Wyvern announced today it will release a revision on Friday to its charter safety benchmark, The Wingman Standard, allowing operators greater flexibility to assign flight crew with varying levels of experience. The revision continues to ensure requirements for its Pilot and Aircraft Safety Survey (Pass) criteria are met, the company said. Specifically, the pilot recency requirements for 90- and 365-day periods in the Pass program will be reduced to reflect “continuing advancements” in flight training, avionics capabilities, maintenance practices and organizational commitment to safety management.

“Wyvern has relied on eight years of data that supports the adjustment of pilot flight-time recency requirements to a more appropriate level in this release given the pilot training requirements of the standard,” said Wyvern CEO Art Dawley. “This will have an immediate positive effect on the success rate of Pass reports being run and hopefully result in increased business opportunities for our customers.”