NBAA Releases Latest Annual Bizav Safety Focus List

 - February 16, 2018, 11:07 AM

Loss of control in flight (LOC-I), runway excursions, and single-pilot operations once again made the annual list of top safety focus areas identified by the NBAA Safety Committee as primary risk-mitigation targets for business aircraft operators. Other identified safety focus areas on the list that was released today include procedural compliance; ground handling and taxi incidents; distraction management; scenario- and risk-based training and checking; positive safety culture promotion; in-flight aircraft collision risk; workforce competency and staffing; and safety data sharing and utilization.

“The identified focus areas represent the most critical safety-related risks currently facing business aircraft operators,” said NBAA Safety Committee chairman David Ryan. "This list is the result of spirited collaboration between [those] on the Safety Committee, who are committed to not only identifying potential hazards but also through working with regulators, member companies, and other industry stakeholders to provide the business aviation community with the most effective mitigation tools and strategies.”

The committee’s goal is to promote safety-focused discussion and advocacy throughout business aviation, as well as to help NBAA prioritize its focus on safety-enhancement efforts. In addition to the annual list, the committee continues to promote and focus on its five foundations of safety: professionalism, safety leadership, technical excellence, risk management, and fitness for duty.