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Garmin ADS-B In Receivers Ready for New Weather Info

 - July 12, 2018, 7:36 AM
Images like this FIS-B turbulence probability forecast will soon be available for display on the Garmin Pilot app and other Garmin avionics.

Garmin has upgraded some of its transponders, datalink devices, and portable ADS-B In receivers to be compatible with the FAA’s new Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather products. The FAA is updating ADS-B ground stations to add the new FIS-B products, and these will include lightning, cloud tops, icing (current and forecast), turbulence, graphical Airmets, and center weather advisories.

The Garmin products that will be able to receive the new weather information include the GTX 345 ADS-B transponder; GDL 88 and GDL 84 datalinks; and GDL 52, GDL 50, GDL 39 3D, and GDL 39 portable ADS-B In receivers. All Garmin remote-mount ADS-B In receivers will also be able to display the new FIS-B products, although compatible displays will require a software update.

Four of the new FIS-B products will work on the Garmin Pilot app on Apple iOS devices, and these include lightning, cloud tops, icing, and turbulence. The remaining new FIS-B weather will be available later, according to Garmin. Avionics that will be able to display the new FIS-B products in the fourth quarter of 2018 include the G3X Touch, aera 660 portable, and Garmin Pilot for Android devices. In 2019, Garmin will add support for the FIS-B products on the G500, G600, and G700 TXi touchscreen displays, GTN 650/750 navigators, and G1000 NXi flight decks.