LABACE Convention News

Synerjet Adds Honeywell’s Catalog to its Pilatus Business

 - August 14, 2018, 5:17 PM

In June, São Paulo-headquartered Synerjet signed a deal to become a premium dealer for Honeywell products. The company is perhaps best known as the sole sales representative for Pilatus products in Latin America (not including Mexico), and is presenting a PC-12NG at the LABACE show.

As a Honeywell dealer, Synerjet can market products throughout the world but is naturally focusing on its Latin American marketplace. It can also market any Honeywell product, but it sees avionics and connectivity as the key sectors, especially as operators prepare for new regulations. As well as the sales and marketing, Synerjet will manage installations and the acquisition of the STCs (supplemental type certificates) that go with them.

In its Pilatus business, Synerjet reports considerable interest in the PC-24. The twinjet’s short-field and unimproved runway capability is of great interest to the agricultural business, not only in Brazil but also in neighboring countries such as Argentina and Chile.

However, Pilatus has temporarily closed the order book for the PC-24 as it concentrates on the first three years of production, which amounts to 84 aircraft. Three aircraft from that batch will arrive in South America next year, but the earliest availability for further sales from the region after the order book re-opens—with new pricing—is likely to be 2021.

In the meantime, the PC-12 turboprop single continues to be a good seller throughout the continent, mostly to the agricultural and associated industries. However, there are operators using PC-12s for special missions such as aeromedical evacuation, while the Brazilian airline Azul employs two to support its regular operations with the timely delivery of spares, technicians, and crews.