LHT Offers Environmentally Friendly Disinsection Spray

 - December 26, 2018, 8:14 AM

Lufthansa Technik is offering the first environmentally and material-friendly disinsection spray for aircraft that can be shipped by air directly to operators. Previously available disinsection sprays are considered hazardous materials that can be shipped solely by ground and in most instances can be purchased only from FBOs at ports of exit, limiting the ability of flight departments to keep the product on hand when needed.

Many local health authorities require aircraft cabin disinsection—either a short-term top-of-descent or long-lasting residual treatment—when entering the country by aircraft to kill any insects that might have come along for the ride. Thus, Lufthansa Technik has co-developed two water-based, non-flammable disinsection products: top-of-descent “Detmol Pheno” spray, which retails for €14.40 ($16.42) for a 200-ml can, and longer-term “Detmol Bio.A,” which costs €19.80 ($22.57) for a 200-ml spray can or €239.90 ($273.52) for a 10-liter canister.

Both disinsection products have a shelf life of three to four years, according to Lufthansa Technik sales manager Oliver Metcalf. Since the sprays are water-based aerosols and free of propellant, he said, only the active ingredient comes into contact with the aircraft. In addition, the spray will not harm any materials in the aircraft, the company said.