Osprey Brings Real-time Risk Assessment to Flightworx

 - January 31, 2019, 8:26 AM
Flightworx is using Osprey's data to provide real-time risk and threat assessments.

A new partnership has been made between Flightworx Aviation and Osprey Flight Solutions allowing “instantaneous data-led risk assessment” of routings, according to the UK companies. It means Flightworx users can now use Osprey’s data to assess flight routing, providing alerts of high-risk areas they should avoid flying over.

“Using reports that are up to the minute and packed with live data, including a risk score, dispatchers can review the routing and advise operators accordingly with best options,” said the companies. Additional reports on country, airspace, and airports are also available.

The Osprey system “delivers instantaneous access to global analysis, intelligence, information and data on the aviation security environment.” Osprey’s alerts have a list of recent historical data from the company's incident database. This provides operators with additional awareness of aviation safety, security, operational, and regulatory occurrences, as well as conflict zone dynamics and conventional military issues, that might affect flight operations within the country, airspace, or airport. The alerts can be customized for each recipient by filtering based on country, geographical region, and airports.

“The benefit of the security brief service is a fulfillment of regulation and risk assessment requirements for private and commercial operations around the world,” said James Wiskin, co-owner and director of Flightworx. “We can provide a clear real-time brief from a global source that is compatible with any regulation worldwide.”

Osprey chief commercial officer Bruce Norfolk added, “Flightworx [employs] the operational benefits of true data-led risk management, providing clients with the most accurate and up-to-date security information available.”

Last year at EBACE, Osprey unveiled a similar partnership with flight-planning software provider Air Support to add risk-assessment functionality to its PPS flight-planning system.