Astronics' Max-Viz Approved for Leonardo's AW109, AW119

 - February 19, 2019, 11:51 AM

The FAA and Transport Canada have approved Astronics Corp.’s amended STC to equip Leonardo AW109 and AW119 helicopters with the Max-Viz 2300 Enhanced Vision System (EVS), the New York-based company announced today. The amended STC was obtained in cooperation with Avio Design Group in Calgary, Canada.

With these approvals, multifunction displays, primary displays, or standalone displays can now show EVS images produced by the Max-Viz 2300, Astronics said. The STC amendment upgrades the wiring package to include VIVISUN switches for better utilization with night vision goggles in search-and-rescue, emergency medical services, aerial firefighting, and military missions.

“Our technology provides pilots with an unprecedented level of situational awareness and safety,” said Tom Geiger, Astronics Max-Viz business unit manager. “We worked closely with Avio DG to get this technology approved for daily missions on these Leonardo helicopters,” he added.

Max-Viz allows pilots to see better at night and in weather such as haze, smoke, smog, and light fog. Astronics said it expects a recent FAA ruling permitting aircraft with the appropriate equipment to fly certain IFR landing approaches to drive greater acceptance of EVS technology. Of the more than 3,250 installed Max-Viz EVS systems, 60 percent are on fixed-wing aircraft while 40 percent are on helicopters, the company said.