AviationManuals Eases EFVS Approvals Process

 - April 30, 2019, 11:56 AM

AviationManuals today launched a new enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) package that streamlines materials required by business aviation operators to conduct low-visibility approaches and landings using EFVS. The package includes a comprehensive manual with touchdown and rollout procedures, and letter of authorization (LOA) application support services.

The company’s EFVS Operations Manual focuses on procedures that will allow pilots to descend below 100 feet above touchdown zone elevation and then land and roll out. Meanwhile, its LOA application support services cover preparation of the associated FAA documentation, including a cover letter and all required supporting documents in accordance with agency guidance, and organization of the documentation into a streamlined package.

“For a pilot, [EFVS approval] means they can land in a greater variety of weather conditions, minimizing delays or risks of being rerouted,” said AviationManuals CEO Mark Baier. “Our EFVS package can be delivered in as little as a week and quickly and efficiently provides pilots the manual and supporting equipment documents needed for approval of their LOA application.”