Newcomer Archein Pursues Quick-turn HUD/EVS Installs

 - May 15, 2019, 9:49 AM
The Archein Aerospace booth at the 2019 NBAA Maintenance Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, where the advanced avionics installation company made its debut. (Photo: Jerry Siebenmark)

Archein Aerospace, which made its debut last week at the NBAA Maintenance Conference, has received its Part 145 repair station certificate for avionics maintenance and installations, with a focus on head-up display/enhanced vision system (HUD/EVS), ADS-B, and other advanced systems for air transport, cargo, and business aircraft.

Colocated with MRO provider and interiors specialist Robinson Aerospace at Alliance Airport in Fort Worth, Texas, the company aims to be a center of excellence in advanced avionics using what chairman Jim Wisdom told AIN is a “hyper-maintenance” model for quick-turn service with an emphasis on HUD/EVS installations.

“We’re trying to fill a niche,” Wisdom said, with a HUD/EVS program that aims to have such systems installed and up and running within six days compared with the typical 18 to 20 days. “If someone wants this done, they don’t want their airplane down for three weeks,” added Wisdom, who said he was involved in the initial development and flight testing of HUD/EVS for FedEx. 

Archein president and CEO Michael Kaufhold thinks HUD/EVS is an increasingly important part of an airplane’s avionics. “The 2016 changes in FAA regulations for reduced-minimums approaches through lower ceilings and bad weather conditions with [no natural vision] enhanced vision technologies installed is the underlying impetus for Archein,” Kaufhold explained. “You can’t ignore the safety and bottom-line value and efficiencies of this to owner-operators operating globally and, in particular, in the NextGen arena.”