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RocketRoute Now Works With Honeywell Datalink Lite

 - May 22, 2019, 8:42 AM

With the launch by Honeywell (Booth Y139) of its low-cost datalink, Datalink Lite, as part of its GoDirect service, RocketRoute (Booth C21) has wasted no time incorporating it into its FlightPlan service, bringing in weather information and flight plan filing via the GoDirect Aircraft Datalink.

The full GoDirect Datalink service offers pilots worldwide two-way communications with the ground including text messaging, oceanic and pre-departure clearances, weather information, custom short codes, and controller-pilot datalink communications (CPDLC). In short, “the service helps pilots stay connected to air traffic control wherever they are, while also making life easier for operators and maintenance teams,” said Honeywell.

One of the selling points the company highlights is its compatibility with third-party flight planning software; already the service has been integrated with Skyplan, Air Support, FlightPlan.com, Jeppesen, Navtech, GDFS, Universal, UAS, ForeFlight, as well as RocketRoute.

Datalink Lite includes the basic communication services and “is designed for business and general aviation operators who fly less frequently,” said Honeywell. “With Datalink Lite you still get the benefit of reducing preflight pilot workload by uploading flight plans directly into the aircraft’s FMS. It notes that Datalink Lite is “only available on select platforms.”