Avionics Sales Soar 14% in First-half 2019, Says AEA

 - August 13, 2019, 12:16 PM
Elliott Aviation has 17 Garmin G5000 retrofits for the Cessna Citation Excel and XLS on tap, attesting to the demand AEA has seen for upgraded panels in older business jets. (Photo: Elliott Aviation)

Business and general aviation aircraft electronics sales climbed 14 percent year-over-year, to just more than $1.5 billion, in the first six months, according to data released yesterday by the Aircraft Electronics Association. Forward-fit avionics installations jumped 26.9 percent, to nearly $712.554 million, while retrofit sales increased by 4 percent, to almost $794.340 million.

“Avionics sales for general and business aviation have now seen an increase in year-over-year sales for 10 straight quarters,” said AEA president and CEO Mike Adamson. “In addition to the ADS-B workload, our AEA member repair stations continue to report an increasing number of full-panel retrofits with new electronic flight displays and digital autopilots, as well as continued interest with in-flight connectivity solutions.”

According to the companies that separated their total sales figures between North America (U.S. and Canada) and other international markets, AEA said 74.9 percent of the first-half sales volume occurred in the former, while the remainder was in the latter.

The reported data is based on net sales price and includes all components and accessories in flight deck, cabin, software upgrades, portables, certified, and noncertified aircraft electronics; all hardware; batteries; and chargeable product upgrades from the participating manufacturers. Amounts do not include repairs and overhauls, extended warranty, or subscription services.