Norwood Breaches Agreement Allowing New FBO

 - August 13, 2019, 11:11 AM

Less than two weeks after reaching a settlement agreement in federal court, the town of Norwood, Massachusetts, has apparently reneged on the signed and official accord acknowledging that Boston Executive Helicopters (BEH) has “satisfied all minimum standards” for the “prompt issuance” of an FBO permit for Norwood Airport.

According to BEH’s attorney, the Norwood Airport Commission (NAC) declined to approve BEH’s request for an FBO permit citing an alleged deficiency in insurance coverage. This is despite that the city stipulating in the July 30 agreement that “all minimum standards and additional requirements for the issuance of an FBO permit by the NAC to BEH have been met.”

Another issue that might threaten the viability of the agreement is that three NAC members didn’t personally sign it. The agreement shows that an attorney signed as a representative of two members, but BEH questioned his authority to do that. A third member who wasn’t available to sign the agreement at the time is believed to have no intention of signing. “Without their actual signature[s], I do not accept the agreement,” said BEH president Christopher Donovan.