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Baldwin Adds Functionality To SMS/QMS Software Systems

 - October 18, 2019, 4:00 PM

Baldwin Safety & Compliance (Booth N5819) has added three new functions to its software-based safety/quality management systems (SMS/QMS), which are aimed at enhancing a user’s operations and efficiency. One of the new functions fits largely on the SMS side, while the others cross over both software systems: 

• Emergency alert: This function serves to send text and email notifications to key personnel as well as individualized checklists specific to each person’s role under an emergency response plan. It also provides information for a call center to log incoming and outgoing phone calls and time and date of key events.

• Status board: Operators can track expiring training and operations requirements with this function including check rides, medicals, and regulatory milestones. Configuration of the function can be tailored to each user so that grace periods can be built into the calendar.

• Audit manager: Offering audit forms that can be customized, this function is intended to help operators assign responsibilities, check responsibilities, and analyze and evaluate results of safety and quality initiatives.

“Our approach to safety management includes a quality management component that fosters continuous innovation and enhancement of our system, and we tailor our products specifically for each client,” said Baldwin president Don Baldwin. “Especially with larger organizations that have multiple sites and diverse requirements, there’s a need to ensure quality responses, not just a check-list of ‘to do’ items. These new features are outgrowths of our approach to SMS—and they’re useful and adaptable to small and large operations.”

Baldwin Aviation provides SMS/QMS programs and related business solutions to a range of companies within the transportation industry.