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EVO Jet Unveils Cloud-based Support App

 - October 20, 2019, 1:53 PM
EVO Jet has adapted its popular 3D Airport Briefing tool originally developed for airlines, for the private aviation sector.

Aviation support solutions provider EVO Jet is highlighting its technology advances with the debut of a fully functional cloud-based app that enables users to completely manage their flight departments, particularly during a trip abroad. EVO is demonstrating the app at its booth (N6428) this week at NBAA-BACE 2019 in Las Vegas.

Operators can use the platform for flight scheduling, crew scheduling, and international trip support. “Nobody has ever provided a cloud-based system for scheduling, maintenance, fuel, and integrated international trip planning,” claimed Paul Wilkinson, a company director and chief technology officer. “We want to be part of anything that is ahead in the innovation curve, and this is it.”

EVO Jet’s 24-hour operations center is now on the same cloud platform as the aircraft’s pilots and passengers. “We talk directly to the pilots on the same platform,” explained Alex Grechykhin, EVO’s operations manager. “The pilot instantly sees his flight plan or eAPIS or handling set up in one shared app with our ops team." Then they can request fuel or international support from inside the app. According to the company, the app can launch from any browser, which allows it to scale properly on any device without continual downloads or updates.

The Delaware-based company also announced that its 3D Airport Briefing product, developed originally for airlines, has been redesigned for business jet users, providing new safety margins for flight departments. Users can view runways in three dimensions from any angle, adjust for a night or reduced minimums, or rotate around terrain.

Additionally, the system will display wind shear patterns, surrounding terrain, approach tracks, engine out procedures, and go-around tracks, as well as airport-specific threat data in text briefings that do not appear in Notams. Pilots can easily review en route alternatives and diversion airports for enhanced emergency preparedness and SMS awareness.

It is used for both operations and training and meets aerodrome competency qualification requirements defined in ICAO Annex 6, FAA, and EASA regulations. Using the module, EVO can create special route kits for challenging paths such as South Atlantic or Polar routes with limited alternatives. “We want to give the pilot deja-vu, so he feels comfortable, familiar, and confident about his en route alternatives and diversion airports in these cases,” said Olga Koroleva, a lead EVO sales manager.