Alpine Aerotech Earns Bell 212 Upgrade STC

 - October 30, 2019, 11:02 AM
Alpine Aerotech's new digital flight instrument kit offers an upgrade to Bell 212 operators with aging and unreliable analog heading and attitude indicators.

Canadian helicopter maintenance and modification specialist Alpine Aerotech has received an STC from Transport Canada for its digital flight instrument package for the Bell 212.

It was designed to replace legacy heading and attitude indicators with modern digital versions with no moving parts to wear out. In addition, the installer can also remove the Tarsyn/rate gyros, flux valve, remote compensator, compass control, and all associated wiring, leaving fewer components to fail. The upgrade kit, applicable for day/night VFR operations, is a near plug-and-play solution, requiring only minor structural modifications.

“Average lead times for ADI/HSI/gyro repairs are approaching four months and parts are getting more expensive daily,” said Tod Lansing, the company’s avionics manager. “This kit will provide hours of reliable, low-maintenance operation, and will ultimately be ready for immediate delivery on request.”

The British Columbia-based company noted that the kit will be cost-effective relative to the repair/replacement of the analog instruments. FAA and EASA STCs are pending.