Bombardier Takes Its First SAF Shipment in Montreal

 - November 26, 2019, 12:01 PM
While Bombardier has used SAF in its demonstration aircraft fleet for the past two years, this shipment represents the first it has received at its Canadian headquarters.

Bombardier has taken delivery of its first shipment of sustainable aviation fuel at its Montreal headquarters facilities. The 7,300 gallons of fuel, blended with traditional jet-A and delivered by Avfuel, represents another step in the airframer’s commitment to secure a long-term SAF supply, which has been recognized by the industry as one of the key pillars toward a sustainable future for business aviation.

“Working with leading OEMs like Bombardier is an opportunity for Avfuel and business aviation as a whole to meet sustainability goals,” said Avfuel executive v-p C.R. Sincock. “We are appreciative of the Bombardier team for its willingness to participate in this initiative, for its professionalism in working with Avfuel on the logistics, and for the work it’s doing on green initiatives.”

Since 2017, Bombardier has maintained a supply of renewable jet fuel at its Hartford, Connecticut facility, home to its customer demonstration fleet, which it flies to major airshows and events to raise industry awareness and demonstrate that SAF can become a mainstream drop-in alternative to traditional jet fuel for turbine aircraft.

“We stand behind our commitment to help the increased use of SAF throughout the industry, said Bombardier Aviation president David Coleal. “Today we are proud to offer it for the first time at one of our Canadian facilities, and it’s only the beginning.”