Garmin Pilot Flight Planning Gains New Capabilities

 - February 19, 2020, 11:46 AM
The Garmin Pilot app's procedure selector makes visualizing available arrival and departure procedures much simpler. (Image: Garmin)

Gamin has completed a major update to its Garmin Pilot electronic flight bag app for Apple iOS devices, with new flight-planning features that more closely match the way pilots interact with installed Garmin avionics.

One change that makes the app better interface with installed avionics is loading and activating instrument procedures and arrivals/departures. The app makes this even easier with a new visual procedure selector, which lets the user view the procedures on the map, including all arrival or departure procedures simultaneously to see which one is optimal. For approaches, the user can see which transition is optimal. Approaches with radius-to-fix legs are also included, and pilots can activate these in Garmin Pilot.

Pilots can now use the app to create custom holding patterns at waypoints (including user waypoints), airports, and navaids. According to Garmin, “Unpublished holds or those assigned by air traffic control are easily created and displayed within Garmin Pilot to simplify the process of visualizing and flying a holding pattern.”

If there is a published hold as part of a missed approach, that is added to the flight plan when that approach is selected, as are any altitude constraints. Users can also manually add altitude constraints on any flight plan, and this includes setting crossing restrictions at a navaid or waypoint using the vertical planning feature. Pilots can view the vertical flight plan and altitude constraints on the Garmin Pilot profile view. Also available now are along-track offsets, which allow users to create an offset waypoint by direction and distance from an existing waypoint.

Garmin Pilot now helps pilots ensure that all data needed for a flight is downloaded, by displaying a button to download the required data. “Route data packages are also available worldwide to help ensure pilots have all of the data they need prior to every flight,” the company said. “Databases that are included within the worldwide route data packages include navigation data, instrument approach procedures, SafeTaxi, terrain, obstacles, and more.”

Another new Garmin Pilot feature is wireless Database Concierge transfer to Garmin’s new GI 275 electronic instruments.