Avcon Taps SD as Preferred Connectivity Supplier

 - June 3, 2020, 10:24 AM

Satcom Direct inked a deal to be the preferred airborne connectivity supplier for Austria-headquartered aircraft management and charter operator Avcon Jet. Under the agreement, Satcom Direct is providing Avcon’s fleet of more than 70 aircraft with connectivity tools such as voice and data services, flight deck communications, and cybersecurity.

Solutions provided by Satcom Direct’s software, hardware, and infrastructure services delivered through the SD Xperience portfolio supports Avcon’s needs and influenced the selection process. Satcom Direct will also develop a customized hardware upgrade roadmap to ensure that each aircraft is equipped with the right connectivity tools. Real-time assistance and troubleshooting from the Satcom Direct support team will also help to quickly resolve any connectivity issues experienced in Avcon’s fleet.

“As the preferred connectivity services supplier to Avcon Jet, we can better serve their needs,” said Satcom Direct international v-p Michael Skou Christensen. “The ability to synchronize the flight operations of each aircraft will reduce workload and make life easier for Avcon Jet, its customers, and crews.”