Daher Expands TBM App Safety Features

 - June 23, 2020, 8:51 AM
The Me & My TBM app is available for Android and iOS devices and allows pilots to view information about each flight in their TBM turboprop.

Pilots who use the Me & My TBM app to record flights in their TBM turboprop singles now have access to more information to help improve performance and safety with the release of Version 4. The most useful new feature is the ability to download a full report of the flight, allowing pilots to assess their performance compared to specific criteria and other pilots' experiences.

“It’s an improved way to get data from the aircraft to the phone and computer,” said Daher aircraft division v-p of customer support RaphaĆ«l Maitre.

After the flight’s information is sent to Daher’s servers from the TBM’s Pratt & Whitney Fast flight data retrieval and transfer system, the app shows detailed information about the flight. “We are making it graphical with the approach profile,” said Daher aircraft division senior v-p Nicolas Chabbert. “We’re also trying to give hints and a way you can self-critique your energy management and on-speed [skills]. Day-to-day, it’s good that we all try to improve ourselves.” 

With v4, a full flight report—including analysis of approaches and landings in comparison to stabilized approach criteria—can now be emailed from the app. The criteria include airspeed and pitch at 500 feet, 50 feet, and touchdown; engine torque; and vertical speed.

Pilots can compare their skills with other TBM pilots using the app’s "Aviator Challenge" feature, which scores flights against key references and compares them to the participating fleet. Scores are now provided in percentages, as well as points. Trend analysis helps pilots see their progress and also determine areas they might need to work on during recurrent training sessions.

The app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, also displays maintenance status. Daher automatically sends flight times to Camp Systems for maintenance tracking, so pilots don’t have to do this manually.

The Fast data retrieval system is standard on the TBM 910, 930, and 940, of which there are about 120 flying. The app’s benefits are available for earlier TBM models by downloading data from the Garmin G1000 avionics and sending it to Daher via the internet or using Bad Elf’s Wombat device.