NATA Broadens Environmental Focus

 - July 21, 2020, 10:15 AM

NATA has announced the establishment of an environment committee aimed at assisting in its policy priorities and highlighting the achievements of its constituent aviation businesses in building on efficiency gains, sustainability, and other ways of lessening their environmental impact.

An environmental subcommittee had previously existed as part of NATA’s airport business committee. Elevating this group to full committee status further underlines the increasing importance that NATA ascribes to sustainability and environmental stewardship in the operation of aviation businesses. The committee will address subjects such as sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), solar power and battery storage systems, PFAS remediation, 100LL alternative fuels, aircraft noise mitigation, and FBO and aviation infrastructure efficiencies in aircraft operations.

“As the world has worked to stop the spread of the coronavirus, the pandemic has created a renewed focus on climate change as positive environmental effects of its disruptive nature have been exposed on a world stage,” said NATA chairman Curt Castagna. “NATA’s environmental committee demonstrates a steadfast dedication to supporting the industry’s long-held goal to expand access to aviation while embracing technological achievements and sound policies that promote a cleaner future.”