Phoenix FBO Contracts for On-site Covid Testing

 - August 4, 2020, 12:34 PM
With Arizona among the states experiencing delays in Covid testing, Phoenix-based FBO, aircraft charter, and MRO provider Swift Aviation has contracted to bring free rapid testing onsite. (Image: Channel 3 ABC 5)

This story is part of AIN's continuing coverage of the impact of the coronavirus on aviation.

With Covid-19 cases on the rise in many parts of the U.S., including Arizona, and with that state facing chronic testing issues such as lab backlogs that can delay results by as much as two weeks, Phoenix-based Swift Aviation has taken the step to provide free, on-site Covid testing to its employees. It has partnered with Covid Testing to You to offer rapid response viral and antibody tests to quickly identify positive cases, even those who are asymptomatic, so they may self-quarantine and reduce the spread of the disease, protecting their co-workers and customers.

“When we saw that we had the opportunity and capacity to be part of the leading edge of the aviation industry’s battle against the Covid pandemic, we did not hesitate to act,” said Yuri Wilcox, Swift’s director of marketing. “Our customer’s safety starts with our own employees, and we are proud the be one of the only FBOs that has been so engaged in rapid Covid testing, with the hope to see it expand across the industry.”

In addition to the testing, the company has also instituted mandatory face covering for all employees and visitors, introduced temperature and symptom checks for all employees (available to customers as well), and instructed staff members to stay home if they are feeling ill in any way. In addition, it has expanded disinfection procedures throughout its facility and vehicles using EPA/FDA-approved Covid disinfectants; mandated continuous and proper handwashing for all team members and instructed them to follow social distancing guidelines; and modified its refreshment and snack options to meet current guidance.