MySky Integrates with SD Pro

 - August 20, 2020, 10:03 AM
Financial information is now available on the SD Pro platform, through an alliance between MySky and Satcom Direct.

Satcom Direct has added financial information to its SD Pro platform through a strategic alliance with MySky. Satcom Direct users can add MySky’s “spend-management platform” to their SD Pro subscription and have a single source of data to gain more insight about operational and financial information. 

The addition of MySky to the SD Pro platform takes advantage of SD Pro’s open-architecture design, which allows for integration with third-party suppliers. SD Pro gives aircraft operators a “digital management dashboard” with detailed information on pre- and postflight aircraft performance.

MySky uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze and compare prices and expenses to help operators “reduce costs, refine spending, and improve the overall aircraft ownership experience.”

Integrating MySky and Satcom Direct data will help “increase longevity of ownership and improve the overall ownership experience,” according to the companies. Aircraft managers will have enhanced control and efficiency and be able to automate some rote tasks. 

“By combining our industry-leading financial data with Satcom Direct’s detailed operational information, I’m confident that this alliance will help stakeholders better navigate the long-time obstacles associated with private aviation management,” said Kirill Kim, cofounder and CEO of MySky.

“With the integration of MySky into the SD Pro platform,” said Chris Moore, Satcom Direct president of business aviation, “we are adding a significant resource to the operational mix by providing a business management tool that complements our operations-focused products.”