Nav Canada Reveals Layoffs and New Initiatives

 - September 25, 2020, 12:42 PM

As a result of continued reduced air traffic stemming from the Covid-19 pandemic, Nav Canada disclosed that over the last few months it has reduced its workforce by 720 positions, or 14 percent of its total employment. These reductions in staffing result from layoffs and early retirements across all departments, including the executive management committee.

Nav Canada, the private nonprofit company that operates the country’s ATC system, has also cut management compensation, deferred retroactive wage increases, and offered a voluntary retirement program to minimize cash outflows. To further adapt to the new realities of air traffic numbers, the company is taking steps to “safely streamline operations" and will be launching level of service reviews for certain airports.

Additionally, in a letter to the Canadian Business Aviation Association and other stakeholders, the agency published a list of 25 flight service stations and remote airport advisory service facilities it is considering closing or reducing their hours of operation. The company has already decided to close the flight information centers in Winnipeg and Halifax.

These actions follow the recent decision by Nav Canada to increase ATC service fees.