Flygprestanda Offers New Aircraft Performance Solution

 - November 5, 2020, 10:00 AM

Sweden-based Flygprestanda has released iOS-based aircraft performance software for operators using standardized computerized aircraft performance (SCAP). The software will be used first by Hongkong Jets' fleet of six BBJs. Flygprestanda’s Guru2 SCAP iPad app is an alternative to OEMs’ iOS-based SCAP.

The software serves to calculate safe takeoffs and landing distances on a given runway under parameters such as runway length, wind direction, and temperature. “We have a working solution in place that allows us to provide any SCAP-based aircraft type on iOS, without the need of the Fortran source code,” said Flygprestanda sales and marketing manager Mattias Lindblad. “It’s done completely offline with no restriction to a fixed amount of airports—it works worldwide.”

Hongkong Jets director of flight operations Edwin Hogervorst said the Guru2 app has performed as promised and was “implemented smoothly” into its operations. “I believe that a reliable aircraft performance and mass and balance calculator is crucial for each flight as safety remains fundamental in our company,” Hogervorst said.