World Fuel Rolls Out New Jet Fuel Carbon Offset Program

 - November 24, 2020, 10:34 AM

World Fuel Services has rolled out an enhanced carbon offset program that makes it easier for flight departments and FBOs to meet their carbon targets. The company’s new Carbon Offset Fuel program allows FBOs and operators to combine jet fuel and carbon offsets through their regular measurement and reporting, in conjunction with offset purchasing by World Fuel through its sustainability brand, World Kinect Energy Services.

Under the program, FBO members of the World Fuel Network can bundle their carbon offsets using a monthly or quarterly self-reporting process, or through a built-in automated feature in World Fuel’s Total Aviation Software (TAS), avPOS, or TotalFBO software. The latter automated reporting feature—which is currently available at many of the Air Elite locations and will soon be released to other World Fuel FBO software users—permits FBOs to offer their customers carbon offsets at the time of fueling.

The company’s Carbon Offset Fuel program also provides a similar solution directly to flight departments, allowing them to track fuel burn over a monthly or quarterly reporting period and then report that information to World Fuel. World Fuel’s World Kinect division then converts gallons to tons of carbon dioxide and purchases the required carbon offsets on behalf of its flight department customers.

“Offsetting carbon as an everyday activity is our mission for this program,” said World Fuel Services v-p of business development Darren Fuller. “We want to make sustainability accessible to the broadest customer base possible. Carbon offsets bundled with jet fuel are a perfect bridge until sustainable aviation fuel supply rises to meet demand.”