Onsite Diesel Exhaust Fluid Test Kit Available Soon

 - November 30, 2020, 12:41 PM

To combat the recent spate of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) contamination in jet fuel events, New Jersey-based Acustrip has developed the first onsite test kit to detect the presence of DEF in jet-A. The company, one of the world’s largest vehicle fluid test providers, had previously developed a field test for the presence of hydrocarbons in DEF, water, or antifreeze coolant.

Its new patent-pending product, which was developed over the past year, will be available directly from the manufacturer starting in January. The kit involves a simple two-step process, including a reagent and a test strip. The test can be performed by aircraft owners or pilots and will deliver results in less than 10 minutes. Company president Ron Schornstein believes the kit, which will be available in five or ten test sets with unlimited shelf life, will offer an economical solution to alleviate any fueling concerns.

Schornstein explained that given his company’s experience with DEF, he had received several inquiries from customers asking where they could have fuel samples tested and learned there were very few laboratories that would or could perform such analysis, which cost several hundred dollars per sample.

“When I learned there was a safety issue with aviation fuel being contaminated with DEF, I thought we could utilize the same methodology that we used to develop DEF hydrocarbon contamination tests,” he told AIN. “As the leader in vehicle fluid diagnostics, we continue to find ways to enable service providers and DIY-ers to engage in cost-effective preventative measures for the safe operation of their vehicles.”