Aerion Picks Universal ClearVision EFVS for AS2

 - January 6, 2021, 11:50 AM

Supersonic business jet developer Aerion has chosen Universal Avionics to supply the head-wearable ClearVision enhanced flight vision system (EFVS) for the AS2 supersonic business jet’s flight deck. ClearVision’s head-up display imagery is delivered on the SkyLens head-wearable display, which offers an unlimited field of regard, meaning the pilot can view imagery such as flight symbology, infrared and visual camera views, and synthetic vision system graphics while looking in any direction.

An added feature that ClearVision offers is a combined vision system, where synthetic vision system graphics and enhanced vision system imagery from Universal’s EVS-5000 camera are overlaid to give the pilot a comprehensive view of the outside world. This will eventually include traffic displayed on the SkyLens view. ClearVision is the first head-wearable display certified for commercial aviation, and it is approved and flying in Europe on the ATR 42/72. 

“This industry-leading technology will offer pilots of the AS2 unparalleled vision and enhanced situational awareness capabilities,” said Steve Berroth, Aerion COO and executive v-p of aircraft.

“By using the SkyLens as a wearable head-up display, the ClearVision EFVS brings unprecedented capabilities to the airplane and demonstrates a compelling roadmap to the future, on top of the proven operational landing credit and all-weather operation,” added Universal Avionics CEO Dror Yahav.