DFW's FBO Joins Avfuel Network

 - February 2, 2021, 10:58 AM
Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport operates the lone FBO on the field and has recently brought its business aviation fueling service in-house as an Avfuel-branded dealer.

DFW Corporate Aviation, the airport board-operated sole FBO at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), is the newest member of the Avfuel network. The airport took over the business aviation fueling operation last September after fielding complaints that the incumbent into-plane fueling service provider was not responsive enough to unscheduled operators, leading some major private aircraft operators to warn crews about long waits for fueling.

As a result, the FBO acquired a pair of 5,000-gallon tanker trucks and trained its staff to handle the fueling for the private aviation traffic, which in pre-Covid days would equate to 50 flights a day, according to airport manager of corporate aviation Stephen Courtois. He said on-demand fueling requests are now responded to “immediately.” Now operating as a full-service FBO, "We're able to fill an important need for the corporate aviation community at one of the nation's largest airports," Courtois added.

Located in a former regional airline terminal on the northeast corner of the field, the FBO features a pilot lounge, snooze room, business center, 10-seat conference room, refreshment bar, and passenger lobby. On-field U.S. Customs is available, along with rental cars and shuttle service.

The location, which is staffed daily from 5 a.m. until midnight, has no aircraft shelter. However, Courtois told AIN that airport officials are thinking about building hangars to enhance its private aviation business.