West Star Now Offers Fusion Installs in Challenger 604s

 - March 5, 2021, 11:54 AM

West Star Aviation has begun offering Pro Line Fusion avionics installations on Bombardier Challenger 604s. As an authorized Collins Aerospace dealer, the installations can be performed at any of West Star's full-service MRO facilities in Grand Junction, Colorado; East Alton, Illinois; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Perryville, Missouri.

“This upgrade and its options truly put the 604 fully back into international conformity, where it was designed to be,” said Walt Marcy, West Star’s avionics technical sales manager in Grand Junction. Marcy added that the touchscreen-based Pro Line Fusion package is the most comprehensive avionics upgrade available for the 604 and serves to increase the value of the large-cabin twinjet.

With Pro Line Fusion, the 604 will have synthetic vision and graphical flight planning, as well as an integrated engine indicating and crew alerting system and autothrottle. It also provides operators with controller-pilot datalink communications and future air navigation system capabilities that serve to meet FAA and international airspace mandates, according to the Grand Junction-headquartered MRO.