EASA Gives Nod to Garmin Autoland in Cirrus Vision Jet

 - July 22, 2021, 11:22 AM
Safe Return Emergency Autoland for the Cirrus Aircraft Vision Jet has been approved by EASA. The system, which is based on Garmin's Autoland technology allows passengers to autonomously land the SF50 Vision Jet in an emergency with the press of this red button. (Photo: Cirrus Aircraft)

Cirrus Aircraft’s Vision Jet Safe Return Emergency Autoland system, which is based on Garmin’s Autoland technology, has received approval from EASA, the aircraft manufacturer announced today. Safe Return Emergency Autoland, which allows passengers to autonomously land the SF50 Vision Jet with the press of a button, was certified by the FAA in August 2020.

“With Safe Return, we are making personal aviation more accessible, elevating the passenger experience, and taking the next step towards autonomous flight,” said Cirrus Aircraft CEO Zean Nielsen. “The Vision Jet sets a new standard in personal travel with the combination of Safe Return and [Cirrus Airframe Parachute System], offering the ultimate level of safety, control, and comfort for the pilot and passengers.”

This latest approval follows continued growth in the popularity of the Vision Jet, which has been recognized as the world’s bestselling general aviation jet for the past two years. Cirrus handed over 73 of its jet singles to customers last year and has delivered more than 245 since receiving FAA type certification in October 2016.