ZenithJet Adds Biz Aircraft Cost-management Program

 - September 16, 2021, 10:23 AM

Business aircraft consulting firm ZenithJet has rolled out a cost-management program for business aircraft owners and operators. Dubbed Aviation CFO, the program helps reduce aircraft operating costs by benchmarking against real-world data.

ZenithJet uses data generated by sister company Elit’Avia, an aircraft management and charter provider, along with additional industry databases to provide “highly-reliable comparative data” on business aircraft services. The company’s subscription-based Aviation CFO program formalizes operating-cost-reduction services it had already been performing for managed aircraft clients.

Aviation CFO provides analysis of recurring expenses—including fuel, handling, parking, maintenance, hangarage, insurance, crew salaries, and other operational costs—as compared to ZenithJet’s benchmarked data. It also offers an analysis of aircraft programs and warranties to ensure maximum coverage, as well as negotiation of aircraft maintenance proposals and final costs.

“Operating a business aircraft can easily cost millions of dollars per year and expenses are often summarized in dozens of complex line items,” said ZenithJet executive v-p Kevin Rodgers. “We leverage the proprietary data that we have generated as business aircraft operators to analyze and assess expenses, programs, and warranties, and negotiate for the financial benefit of our clients. Aviation CFO enables owners and operators to derive maximum value from their aircraft investment by ensuring that operating costs are optimized.”