More Improvements on Tap for Domodedovo FBO

 - January 13, 2022, 12:15 PM
Since assuming the operation of the business aviation center at Moscow's Domodedovo Airport last April, UTG Group, which also serves at Vnukovo and Pulkovo Airports, has instituted a major interior upgrade of the futuristic building's interior. (Photo: UTG Group)

Independent ground handling provider UTG Group, which took over operations at Russia’s Domodedovo Airport business aviation center last year, will be making several improvements to the facility over the coming months.

Next month, the bar and lounge area of the 8,300-sq-ft (770-sq-m), two-story terminal will be remodeled, and the following month a gourmet restaurant will debut. By the end of the year, the building will have undergone a major redevelopment expanding the ground floor with glass-enclosed verandas and a spacious conference room, renovating the second floor, and adding new facades and landscaping. The company also plans to open its own helipad on the FBO property but outside the airport border, and expand the FBO's 4.2-acre (17,000-sq-m) ramp.

From last April when it assumed operation of the Moscow facility through the end of 2021, the FBO handled 10,297 passengers for an average of 1,144 a month. In June, it completed a modernization project on the ground floor of the terminal, with separate processing channels for domestic, international, and Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) aircraft arrivals. In October, it began offering ground handling arrangements beyond Domodedovo and assistance for overflight and landing permits worldwide. Other services include rapid Covid PCR tests on arrival, visa support, catering, and airport customs clearance assistance.