FXAir Goes Carbon Neutral

 - January 26, 2022, 1:19 PM

On-demand charter provider FXAir said it offset 40,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide last year on behalf of its clients through the use of carbon-offset credits. Through a program administered by industry sustainability solutions provider 4Air, FXAir purchased the offsets at no cost to its customers, rendering all flights chartered on behalf of its clients carbon neutral. Those offsets support projects that have an immediate and direct impact on climate improvement such as renewable energy development and preventing deforestation.

According to the operator, some clients also voluntarily participated in additional 4Air programs to offset all emissions that affect the climate, including non-carbon emissions such as soot, water vapor, and contrails.

“Our premium charter clients understand the challenges posed by climate change and want to do their part in supporting environmental sustainability,” said FXAir president Gregg Slow. “The 4Air program gives us a simple, efficient way to offset the emissions produced by jet aircraft and, at the same time, generate real societal benefits. We have been gratified by the enthusiastic response from our clients.”