NATA Launches New FBO Safety Program Directory

 - April 4, 2022, 6:36 PM

The National Air Transportation Association has launched a new online directory that will help operators identify what safety programs airports and FBOs participate in. An evolution of the previous FBO Status Map, Safety 1st Verify tracks participation in NATA Safety 1st training, Safety 1st Clean, Fuel QC Management System, and registration under the International Standard for Business Aviation Handling (IS-BAH).

The organization also announced a new partnership with online fuel pricing platform provider FuelerLinx, whereby FuelerLinx customers can now seek and sort FBOs by their Safety 1st status, using the FBO Manager function. FBO listings in the system will display NATA logos indicating their adherence to the various safety programs, including advising customers of technical line staff training through the industry-standard Safety 1st program; stringent fuel testing as part of the Fuel QC Management System; health and cleaning in accordance of the latest government guidelines (Clean); and the implementation of industry best safety practices through IS-BAH.

As well, through FBO Manager, FuelerLinx clients can view and archive transactions made at FBOs active in NATA and its industry safety program partners.

“Empowering aviation business safety is NATA’s core mission and Safety 1st Verify serves as a valuable tool for operators, pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers to make more informed decisions at FBOs and airports,” explained NATA executive v-p Ryan Waguespack.