AEA Expresses ‘Surprise’ at Canada ADS-B Mandate

 - April 18, 2022, 12:29 PM

The Aircraft Electronics Association expressed “surprise” at Transport Canada’s lack of a “formal notice of proposed amendment” and failure to account for “time allotted” to complete equipment installation and approvals preceding the mandate requiring ADS-B in Class A and B airspace effective Feb. 23, 2023.

“The big surprise here is that, in all communications with the [Transport Canada Civil Aviation] since November 2019 [when the ADS-B program was placed on hold] the public has been told that no progress has been made on this file…and that regulatory action would be taking place and working groups were to be formed,” AEA said.

Further, the article contends that while most Canadian aircraft owners have already installed ADS-B systems that meet FAA requirements, they “will not work” with the satellite system being used by Nav Canada. “There seems to be an assumption that this mandate will not affect general aviation and that the vast majority of aircraft already have the required diversity system installed. This is not true,” the association added.

Although the AEA concedes that this mandate seems a “done deal,” AEA, Air Transport Association of Canada, Aereospace Industries Association of Canada, and others “have jointly been in contact with [Transport Canada] and are attempting to put this on hold (again) and encourage proper consultation.”