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Avfuel Earns Sustainability Designation

 - May 24, 2022, 2:25 AM
Avfuel returns to EBACE 2022.

 Avfuel's Michigan headquarters has been designated as a Tier-1 Green Aviation Business under the National Air Transportation Association’s (NATA) Sustainability Standard for Aviation Businesses. That makes it one of just 14 companies in the industry to receive that certification.

“We always strive to be on the leading edge of sustainability initiatives to support, inspire, and guide sustainably-minded operations across the Avfuel Network,” said Marci Ammerman, v-p of marketing for the U.S.-based fuel distributor.

As part of the certification process, the company established its baseline carbon emissions footprint; submitted an environmental policy; phased out single-use products from its kitchen/dining area; adopted a local recycling program; embraced paperless processes; and installed LED and motion sensor lighting, a filtered water refilling station, Energy Star-rated kitchen appliances, and low-flow plumbing fixtures.

Avfuel also plans to offset all of its annual carbon emissions generated from its Scope 1 and 2 activities, fuel used in its corporate aircraft, and diesel used in leased refueler trucks across its network. It is committed to promoting environmental awareness not only at its own properties and throughout its dealer web, but to its customers as well through the supply of sustainable aviation fuel and carbon offsetting.

“Sustainability is more than an ideal at Avfuel, it’s a mindset,” said Ammerman. “With every decision that’s made, we think about how a solution or process can be made more sustainable—how our operations can become more sustainable. It’s in the solutions we provide to our customers, the sustainable measures we take at our headquarters, and the education we provide to our employees.”

Over the past year, Avfuel has added 13 branded FBOs to its dealer network as well as 47 new contract fuel locations, 19 of them outside the U.S. At EBACE 2022’s return as an in-person event in Geneva, the company (Booth D67) is joined by six members of its dealer network, encompassing 34 fueling locations. They include sister company Avflight (24 locations); Banyan Air Service in Fort Lauderdale, Florida (KFXE); Castle & Cooke Aviation with FBOs in Van Nuys, California and Honolulu; Duncan Aviation (KLNK, KBTL, KAZO, and KPVU); and Fargo Jet Center (KFAR) with its affiliated FBOs Premier Jet Center (KFCM) and Overland Aviation (KXWA).

“We’re thrilled to be back at EBACE to connect in person again,” noted Ammerman. “Avfuel always benefits from the insights we glean from these events and uses them to enhance our offerings and services.”