EBACE Convention News

Experts Teach How To Build Sustainable Business

 - May 25, 2022, 2:02 AM

Business aviation sustainability leaders shared knowledge and insights at a meeting convened by AIN Media Group on Tuesday, May 24, at EBACE 2022. Attendees at the “Building a Sustainable Aviation Business” event heard from a leading aircraft manufacturer, a fuel supplier, and a company set up to help organizations and individuals take effective actions through measures such as carbon offset.

Scott Evans, Gulfstream’s director of demonstration, airborne customer service, and corporate flight operations, explained how the OEM practices what it preaches when it comes to using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). He explained how companies can take their first steps towards achieving carbon neutrality to start and, ultimately, net-zero emissions.

Signature Aviation’s director of fuel operations Brian Batty provided a clear introduction to SAF, reiterating that, chemically, it is the same as jet-A, only produced with sustainable feedstocks rather than fossil fuels. His company is expanding the availability of SAF at locations in the U.S. and overseas, as well as giving operators access to book-and-claim options where SAF is not available.

Kennedy Ricci set up 4Air to help aircraft operators, manufacturers, and end-users take practical measures available today to cut carbon from flying. For now, much of this is focused on carbon offsets and he explained to attendees how this can be achieved in a verifiable and meaningful way.