NATA, 4Air Introduce SAF Uplift Receipt Program

 - July 26, 2022, 12:18 PM
Through NATA and 4Air's new sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) receipt program, FBOs will be able to provide customers who purchase SAF with detailed documentation on the fuel they uplifted and its benefits.

As aircraft operators learn to navigate the complexities of reporting their sustainability efforts, NATA and industry solutions provider 4Air today announced the rollout of the first sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) receipt program for business aviation. According to NATA and 4Air, the receipt will provide a standardized document for operators to acknowledge their uplift of the fuel, a crucial link to the “last-mile” transfer of the fuel from FBO to the end user.

It will contain information such as the specific feedstock used in the particular uplift, which is vital to understanding the fuel’s carbon intensity. Additonally, it will outline the ratio of the blend between SAF and jet-A, which is important in calculating the actual lifecycle emissions reduction and in educating users as to the fuel's benefits.

The hope is that the implementation of the document program will drive more uplift of SAF by making it easier to comply with organizational environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, and with formal reporting programs.

“Sustainable aviation fuel is today’s most accessible way to not just offset but actually reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate change,” said 4Air president Kennedy Ricci. “However, many operators were struggling to get the necessary information to report on their use of SAF. Our collaboration with NATA provides a standardized paper trail for everyone in the industry.”