Airbus Survey Shows Sustainability Interest

 - December 5, 2022, 11:35 AM
A recent survey by Airbus Corporate Jets finds support from U.S. corporate aviation in sustainability practices. (Photo: Airbus Corporate Jets)

A recent survey by Airbus Corporate Jets showed that among U.S. companies with annual revenues of $500 million or more that use business jets, 57 percent of the 100 senior executives queried say more than half of their flights are carbon offset at present.

While all of the 69 survey respondents whose companies own private jets said they believe their employers will eventually insist on fueling only with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), the cost of SAF still weighs heavily upon their thinking. As the supply of SAF increases, and its price declines to become more on par with that of conventional jet-A, 58 percent of the senior executives surveyed indicated that it would lead to a dramatic increase in their use while 32 percent said they would expect a slight increase.

“Businesses in the U.S. place a huge focus on reducing the environmental impact of their flights, and this will increase in terms of offsetting, but also in the measures taken to reduce carbon emissions,” said Sean McGeough, v-p for commercial Airbus Corporate Jets North America. “Advances in SAF will be key to this.”