India’s Version of Sukhoi T-50 Delayed by Two Years

 - May 25, 2012, 11:32 AM
India’s version of the Sukhoi T-50 advanced and stealthy fighter has been delayed by two years. (Photo: Vladimir Karnozov)

The joint Indo-Russian project to produce a fifth-generation fighter aircraft (FGFA) for the Indian Air Force is facing a two-year delay. It will now take nine years instead of the stipulated seven to develop. The Indian Air Force attributes the delay to Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL), which has a workshare of 25 percent in the program.

The two-seat FGFA is based on the single-seat Sukhoi T-50 PAKFA. HAL is tasked with supplying designs for the tandem seating and cockpit displays, none of which have been provided on time, a senior air force official told AIN. HAL is also responsible for navigation and countermeasure dispensing. Indian junior defense minister MM Pallam Raju recently confirmed the delay to Parliament, commenting, “The fifth-generation aircraft is scheduled to be certified by 2019 [instead of 2017], following which series production will start.” India and Russia concluded the $295 million preliminary design contract for the FGFA project in December 2010, during Russian President Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to India.

There are also concerns the FGFA will exceed its current estimated $6 billion development budget. The unit production price is predicted to be between $93- and $97 million. India will acquire 214 aircraft, making the total cost of the FGFA project at least $26 billion.

The 30-ton FGFA will be “a swing-role fighter with highly advanced avionics, giving 360-degree situational awareness, stealth to increase survivability and smart weapons,” said now-retired Indian Air Force Chief P.K. Naik. Capable of covering long ranges without refueling, it will feature supercruise along with advanced mission computers. The Indian Air Force has specified 43 improvements to the design following its observation of flying trials at the Zhukovsky airbase.


i think there is no hurry to have 5th gen fighter ! as only US have 5th gen fighter ! china is still developing blue print ! so no major need for india to have 5ht gen fighter ! i think they want a perfect and best ! so 2 year delay will not cost that much ! if u can get best n better !

it is just a matter of time ,before the human race is sucking up nuclear fallout ....this world will not be happy til it has destroyed itself .let`s just get it over and push the damn button ..........

"China is developing the blue print" Do you know that China has already built two prototype J-20 stealth fighter and are doing Test flight since January 2011.

According to Chinese source, they have set a target to have a squadron in operation by 2017. Presently, one of the J-20 is fitted with Chinese made WS-10 jet engines. Recently, the Chinese Government has awarded a First class Medal to the Chinese Chief engineer for making break thru in the design and building of the WS-10 engine.

For your infor, China will be doing a test flight later this year on the Y-20
military Transport plane which is equivalent to the C-17 India is buying from US.
China had already flying their own Y-9 equivalent to C-130 and some of them were sold to Pakistan Air Force.

Don.t under estimate the Chinese. They are catching up very fast.

But Chinese j-20 stealth is still poor in the technology especially in anvionic, heavier . Compare to our sukhoi T-50 which is small , lighter than j-20, 3x the speed of the sound! and very stealthy.It seems like it will be very easy to intercept all the chinese fighter especially the AVICS stealth helicopter

Most off county all ready develop 5th generation fighter plan.India not have seficians fightr plan.and not have tanks night vision.India is verily talk 2020 is most powerful country.minimum 5000 filter plan required and tank 3000 requires.minimum 20 submrine required.solder have not night bison camera.not have suficians rifles.

Lol^^ i tried readin this last comment a few times and finally gave up o it!

@Arthesth, US was not in a hurry too but they are always one step ahead and maybe building 6th Generation Aircraft. India only look upto the Pakistan and China. One will never improve getting contented with being the best of the lousiest. You think US will be afriend of India forever? There is no permanent friend or enemy. Remember, US brought sanctions against India after the nuclear test? US always like to bully others and they might bully India too as how the British ruled India. So, India should aim to be best of the best. Every single second is crucial. Within the extra 2 years, India can be destryed. So, what is the back-up plan? @Sanjeet, like the westerners always like to claim Russian products are inferior, do not claim Chinese products the same, you will never know the capability or what they have. The best is to be always prepare and self-reliance.

Then what abt j17 thunder ? Chineese and pakistans were jointly produced 5th generation multirole aircraft which is in top 7 ranking in its segment
ahead of sukhoi &mig in much cheaper rate 20-25million per kistan already inducted its first squadron and planned to acquire 250aircrafts.on
the other side india decide to buy 126 rafale from dassault .the first flight india only get in 2016 at this time pak,china will operate a number of j17
squadron .the very notab
le think that pakistan have much much coast efficiency in their
wepon&aircraft procurement procurement process that india not have.