Singapore Air Show

Israel's Controp Seeks Fresh Markets

 - February 9, 2020, 2:00 AM
T-Stamp XD is part of a product line developed to meet intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting missions on small UAV platforms.

Controp Precision Technologies, the Israeli developer and manufacturer of electro-optical and precision motion control systems for surveillance, defense, and homeland security applications, expects to see new demand for its ultra-light UAV and coastal surveillance products in Singapore.

The company will have three types of equipment on display at the show: its STAMP (Stabilized Miniature Payloads) family of products; its complete ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance) concept; and observation and detection systems for coastal security.

“Controp’s scanning and observation systems are proven for coastal surveillance and security from intruders by detecting swimmers, small boats and more,” the company said. “The systems provide a 'virtual fence' over the water as they automatically detect intruders from the sea before they reach the defined boundary. The recognition, identification, and tracking of intruders are key to protection and directing of security forces to the exact location.”

“Our primary goals are to provide our customers with innovative products and creative solutions to meet their defense and security surveillance requirements,” Raanan Shelach, vice president, marketing, told AIN. “We will provide an agile response to their needs and tailored customized solutions to their requests. We set our sights at providing cost-effective responses to all programs. The bottom line: maximum value [for] our customers.”

Priorities for the company in Singapore include demonstrating the value of its partnership with Singapore’s NCS, formerly known as National Computer Systems, and with Israeli defense conglomerate Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

“As part of our display at the Singapore Airshow, Controp will be showcasing some of its solutions under the Rafael umbrella,” he said. “This demonstrates our capability to synergize our solutions with Rafael such as Remote Weapon Stations, the Sky Spotter and the Drone Domes—all being displayed at the show.”

In addition, Controp (Chalet Q58) will emphasize the operability of its STAMPs—showing their low SWaP (size, weight, and power), low energy, performance, such as the STAMP-VMD low-weight payload for persistent surveillance. “These payloads provide critical real-time information at the tactical level and the T-STAMP-XD payload, which enables shorter sensor-to-shooter timing,” he said.

The maritime environment of the Asia-Pacific region creates unique requirements from end-users and several cutting-edge solutions are being used in the region in response. “We are tackling these requirements from two different angles—on the one hand providing marinized payloads for maritime vessels requiring full bandwidth spectrum from maritime installations,” he said. “In addition, [we are] providing coastal surveillance and protection from land installations for super long-range surveillance." Recently, Controp received a significant repeat order from an Asian customer.

“Controp is developing a new generation of EO/IR (electro-optical/infra-red) solutions to meet rising requirements worldwide. We are keen to find more partners or integrators to add additional value to our products package in order to further meet the requirements of our international customers.”