SkyDome Offers Solution to Defeat Rogue Drones

 - June 13, 2019, 12:35 PM

Fortem Technologies has launched SkyDome 2.4, an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled, application-program-interface-friendly platform that allows approved drones to fly safely and rogue drones to be mitigated. The platform contains Fortem’s new ThreatAware AI analysis engine that assesses data from multiple sensors and sources in real time, providing continuous threat levels for multiple objects in a given environment. It identifies site-specific patterns-of-life and provides security personnel with situational awareness and threat alerts that enable integrated response decisions.

SkyDome 2.4 enables 3D ground-to-air coverage and can be networked to track hundreds of objects simultaneously. Users can create zones, geo-cages, and rules around existing infrastructures, landscapes, and environments. Threats can be removed by Fortem’s “DroneHunter” security drone that can autonomously pursue and capture problematic drones with a net gun.

“In the last few months, drones have caused delays and airport-wide closures affecting hundreds of thousands of people,” said Fortem Technologies CEO Timothy Bean. “Recently, an unauthorized drone entered Fenway Park during a Red Sox game, causing a game-altering disruption. The drone was able to breach Fenway’s radio frequency (RF) geofence, breaking FAA regulations of the no-fly zone because it emitted no radio frequency. These types of drone-related incidents have shown us that the need for a radar-based airspace detection and mitigation solution is dire,” said Bean. “SkyDome can detect even the RF-silent drones that criminals routinely use.”