Icon Offers G3X Upgrade for A5 Amphibian

 - December 15, 2020, 6:23 PM

Icon Aircraft has developed a new avionics option for its A5 light sport aircraft (LSA) amphibious airplane, the seven-inch Garmin G3X touchscreen display and two-axis autopilot. The G3X Touch adds $15,500 to the A5’s $359,000 base price, while the G3X with autopilot costs $25,000. The new avionics are available with 2021 model year A5s and replace the Garmin aera 796 portable GPS navigator that comes with the base model. U.S. buyers who place an order by the end of February get 50 percent off the avionics upgrades.

“Our owners have put more than 20,000 total hours on their A5s, and one theme we’ve heard from them—in addition to the incredible fun they’re having—is the desire for an upgraded avionics and navigation package,” said Icon president Jason Huang. “The Garmin G3X Touch takes our commitment to product improvement to the next level, greatly enhancing the adventure flying experience while seamlessly fitting into our intuitively-designed cockpit.”

The A5 is an amphibious LSA with a spin-resistant airframe design, Icon whole-airplane parachute system, and unique panel-mounted angle-of-attack indicator. Powered by a 100-hp Rotax 912 engine, the two-seat A5 has a useful load of 430 pounds and a maximum cruise speed of 95 knots. The new autopilot includes Garmin’s LVL button for recovery to straight-and-level flight as well as the GMC 507 control panel.