Moog Buys Genesys Aerosystems

 - December 22, 2020, 8:00 AM

Flight control systems manufacturer Moog has purchased Genesys Aerosystems, which makes autopilots, displays, radios, ADAHRS, GPS receivers, and data acquisition units. Details of the December 18 transaction were not released. 

Genesys Aerosystems was formed with the purchase of Chelton Flight Systems and S-Tec in 2014 from Cobham in a management buyout. The buyout team included Roger Smith, president and general manager of Chelton Flight Systems and S-Tec, as well as Chelton Flight Systems co-founders Rick Price and Gordon Pratt and director of finance Tammy Crawford. The Cobham division was known for its pioneering work in developing the first FAA-certified synthetic vision system display and GPS Waas navigator. 

“It has been exciting to be part-owner of Genesys Aerosystems as we have seen the company grow over the last few years,” said Genesys CEO Smith. “We know that to optimize the growth potential of the company and product lines, Genesys needs to have a long-term parent company that can support both organic and inorganic growth, and Moog is just that company.”