Avidyne Develops AI-based PilotEye with Daedalean

 - July 27, 2021, 11:00 AM
Daedalean is combining its expertise in artificial intelligence-based software development to produce a new cockpit vision system with Avidyne. (Photo: Daedalean)

Artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Daedalean is teaming with Avidyne to develop a new vision system for general aviation, advanced air mobility, and special missions markets. Detailing the partnership at this week’s EAA AirVenture show, the companies said the AI-based PilotEye system will provide pilot “advisories” for the flight crew of existing fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, while being ready to support fully autonomous operations in new designs, including eVTOL vehicles.

According to Avidyne, the system will use cameras to scan for traffic and other airborne hazards. Employing Daedalean’s AI software, it will use multiple, redundant guidance sources that could support autonomous operations. It can incorporate other data sources and merge everything into a single intuitive display.

“Through this symbiotic partnership, we are combining the industry-leading artificial intelligence neural network software and certification methodology pioneered by Daedalean, with the proven design, manufacturing, and certification expertise here at Avidyne,” commented Avidyne president Dan Schwinn. “Leveraging advanced AI technologies, these solutions will initially include visual spectrum camera-based systems for visual positioning and traffic detection, hazard avoidance, and landing guidance, as well as providing data that pilots need for quicker and more accurate land-anywhere decision-making assistance in the event of an emergency.”

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