Gulfstream Selects Satcom Direct for Default Datalink

 - April 21, 2022, 9:16 AM
Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck Freedom has been selected as the default datalink for new Gulfstream aircraft. (Photo: Satcom Direct)

Satcom Direct’s FlightDeck Freedom communications platform has been selected as the default datalink system for in-production Gulfstream G500, G600, and G650ER twinjets with initial line-fits already completed.

Operators of those Gulfstream aircraft can now optimize the FlightDeck Freedom platform, which includes configurable features and monitoring of industry datalink compliance to support secure datalink services between crew, air traffic control, and ground personnel. They can also generate a digital footprint of the aircraft's history from its born-on date, providing better visibility into aircraft performance, management, and operation.

“FlightDeck Freedom is much more than datalink. It keeps the entire flight department and crew synced with the aircraft for more efficient flight operations. It provides critical data to support service monitoring and plays a significant part in communicating dynamic situational changes during flight,” said John Kummer, Satcom Direct's v-p of strategy and programs.

The platform’s open architecture design can be integrated with third-party services, including trip planning, as automated features operating in parallel with traditional datalink functions. Automated alerting improves operations workflow, heightens crew situational awareness, and enhances safety, while GeoNotifcations and automated monitoring provide real-time alerts about hazardous situations caused by weather or security-related events. FlightDeck Freedom also enhances passenger connectivity as the platform advises flight crews of sensitive airspace and potential outage or coverage loss situations.