4Air Gears Up for Contrail Reporting Requirements in EU

EU could impose a tax on non-CO2 aircraft emissions
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Chapman Inks Deal To Help Clients Fly Sustainably

The global charter broker partnered With 4Air to offer offset and SAF use solutions
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4Air's PolicyWatch Service Tracks Environmental Legislation

New service helps companies avoid getting caught out by new requirements
4Air PolicyWatch environmental legislation tracker

Business Aviation's Path To an SAF Future Has Many Factors

4AIR president Kennedy Ricci examines the variables at play
Embraer SAF fueling

Many Projects Give Promise of More SAF

Volume of SAF produced to see major increase over several years
Montana Renewables refinery in Great Falls, Montana

Charting the Path to Sustainability: Navigating the Environmental Impacts

Where do I start when implementing a sustainability program into my operations? What do I do once a program is in place? Once, I’ve addressed the major areas, what else can I do?
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Clearing the Air about Sustainability

A Corporate Aviation Leadership Summit (CALS) roundtable moderated by Nancy Bsales, COO of Sustainability 4AIR.
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4Air: Tackling SAF Assurance and Contrails

Knowing where the SAF comes from and what its sustainability attributes are is an increasingly important requirement for operators.
Kennedy Ricci, 4Air
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4Air To Offer Carbon Offsetting to ACA Members

Member companies of the Air Charter Association will have access to four, carbon-offsetting schemes under partnership with 4Air.
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4AIR: Setting a New Standard for Sustainable Private Aviation

A turnkey solution that can take any user of private aviation beyond carbon-neutrality to actual emissions reductions.
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