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MRO Outlook Sanguine Despite Manpower and Parts Shortages

The aviation aftermarket grew 18 percent in 2022 and forecasters expect it to expand a further 22 percent this year, to $94 billion.
 Lufthansa Technik technician working on Leap 1A engine
Training and Workforce

Pilot Shortage Expected To Continue Through Next Decade

Jefferies, citing Oliver Wyman insight, believes a global pilot shortage could continue through 2032, with the shortfall hitting North America first.
Pilots in flight deck of airliner (Photo: Pixabay)
Maintenance and Modifications

Survey Finds New Barriers to MRO Growth

Oliver Wyman's annual MRO survey finds inflation, labor shortages, and sustainability could hamper the industry's growth in the next decade.
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Training and Workforce

Study Predicts Pilot Shortage Will Return by 2022

While the pandemic alleviated the pilot shortage, it could reemerge within nine months and grow worse over the decade, according to an Oliver Wyman study.

Oliver Wyman Gauges Covid’s Damage to Future Airliner Fleets

A 10-year fleet forecast by Oliver Wyman projects a 40 percent shortfall in widebody production compared with previous projections.