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Oct 27, 2021 - 1:08 PM
NASA has awarded GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney $18.8 million worth of contracts to help advance development of a smaller, more efficient engine core.
Oct 27, 2021 - 1:05 PM
Modern Aviation has expanded again with an agreement to purchase the Million Air FBO at Puerto Rico’s Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci/Isla Grande Airport.
Oct 27, 2021 - 12:49 PM
The Heli XP show being held today and tomorrow at Helipark in São Paulo is Brazil’s second in-person event since the pandemic began.
Oct 27, 2021 - 12:24 PM
Opening on Tuesday, the three-day Malta Aviation Conference is themed "Rebooting the Industry" and gathering local leaders and industry professionals.
G500/G600 (Photo: Gulfstream Aerospace)
Oct 27, 2021 - 11:59 AM
Aircraft backlog at Gulfstream Aerospace is at its highest point in six years, as customer demand for its jets continues unabated.
Jet Aviation Jeddah
Oct 27, 2021 - 11:48 AM
Air Elite, the World Fuel Services-sponsored global network of upscale FBOs, has welcomed five new Jet Aviation locations.
Oct 27, 2021 - 11:42 AM
Under the contract, Meggitt will provide services for sensors, valves, actuators, and fire extinguishers through FL Technics and Jet Maintenance Solutions.
Oct 27, 2021 - 11:38 AM
Gogo Business Aviation expects its new 5G service to deliver speeds of 25 Mbps on average, with peak speeds between 75 and 80 Mbps.
Oct 27, 2021 - 11:13 AM
IATA director general Willie Walsh accused the UK government of hypocrisy, suggesting new passenger duties are a cash grab disguised as a green tax.
Oct 27, 2021 - 10:45 AM
Antavia has opened a larger aircraft wheels and brakes MRO facility at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and also marked its 40,000th repair milestone.